Monday, November 30, 2009

Family pictures!!!

Once again it has been way too long but here i am! We had our family pictures taken and once again Nema Blanchard did an amazing job! So here are a few:

Jett he is now almost 3 years old and i can not believe it! He is very smart and a very good big brother! He is so excited for Christmas and everything he sees on TV he says "mama can i have that for Christmas"? He keeps me on my toes more than i would like but i guess that goes with the territory! He is such a big boy and has to do everything himself and is very particular in the way his things are done! We love him so much and he brings such joy in our lives!

London she is 15 months now and i can not believe that either! She is very smart too! They definitely got Dan's brain which is a great thing and just about the only thing they have of his genes! She is also very independent and loves to everything on her own! She is all girl... loves dollys, blankets, hair ties and necklaces! I absolutely love having a girl! It has been so much fun! We love her to pieces! She is our princess!

Now as a family we are doing pretty good! Dan has been extremely busy but we are glad to have the work! We have had some personal family goals we having been focusing on and we are happier than ever! We are extremely blessed and fortunate during these hard times! We are very excited and ready for Christmas at least the out side of our house! Lights are up and our house is rockin! My brother Brock comes home in 2 weeks and we couldn't be more excited to have him home in time for Christmas, he luckily has only missed one Christmas which i think is awesome! I have most of our Christmas done and ready to go which is a nice feeling! We are very happy and hope that you all are as well! We send our love and hopes to having a safe and happy holiday season!!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

its been forever I KNOW

Well it has been longer than a long time but I am back with pictures and all! I might be a little lenghy I am sorry. We had London's 1st birthday party (yes my sweet baby girl is 1) and it was AWESOME!! I was joking with people that had been complaining about my blog when I said I might just turn this into a birthday blog for the kids. I am so bad mainly because i dont think people like to read blogs without pictures and i dont very often take pictures but I have some for this post and I am really truly hoping I can become a better blogger! I had a few problems getting her party planned and perfect but after an extremely long week, non helpful husband, and white-outed invitations i got it figured out! We had it at Cotent park and it was awesome! We rented the huge water slide and a bounce house with a slide. We also had a great pinata and BBQ. It was Care Bear themed and super cute! It was pretty cold that day and hose water is always cold. I do need to clairfy that the big water slide was extremely fast! The food was great and the horse shoes were great! London was alseep durning most of the times these pictures were taken! Thanks to everyone for coming and making the day great!! I have already started my next posting with lots of updated pictures and an update on everyone!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Jetts Birthday

Sooo.... Jett turned 2 and I cant even believe it has been 2 years already! We had a HUGE party for him, which we had mixed reviews and that's ok. We went BIG and it turned out wonderfully! Jett and all his friends had a GREAT time! It was the place to be! We had 2 huge blow up toys one a jump jump and the other a obstacle course with a giant slide at the end it was so great! (i kicked kamis butt even after she CHEATED by pulling me down from the top) then we had a ton of food and a pinata. Oh ya and don't forget the cotton candy maker! YUP that's right a cotton candy maker! Well we LOVE our little boy and cant wait for the birthdays to come!!!!!!!!! LOVE YOU JETTERS!!!!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Confession & Update

SOO... confession first... I was NEVER going to be a TWILIGHT freak, i was never planning reading the books like everyone else I know. and i mean just about everyone. Over thanksgiving break the girls in my family were planning on going to see Twilight and of course i agreed to go (no other options the boys were hunting) so My mom, sister, grandma, sister-in-law, aunt, and cousin (all of which read the book) went. My sister had already seen it and without being able to hide it expressed freely how much she loved it. and told me she would not go with me unless i read the book, which was like 2 days before we planned on going... ya right have you see the size of those books? not going to happen... i am NOT a book person. soooo... we went and i absolutely LOVED it. So naturally i had to read the book right? the books are always better so i decided to read it, and it took me like 3 days, not bad. LOVED IT!!! so book 2 took me about 10 hours and book 3 about 12 hours. which for those of you who don't know they get about 100 pages longer each time. i couldn't put them down and book 4 is close to 800 pages so i am almost done with it. I know what your thinking and i did not neglect either of my children, come on I am a GREAT mom!!! well yes with all the said i have been completely consumed in the Vampire world! I am actually going to the movie again for the 3rd time tonight and i am even more excited because it will be my first time seeing it after i have read the books. i know i am such a LOOSER i know what you are all thinking and its ok i was there once too!! No hard feelings..

We are all ready for Christmas here at the Mechlings. We have our house decked out inside and out. Our Christmas tree is wonderful and real of course (i don't cheat with Christmas) the smell is amazing! I have not wrapped all of the presents yet and i do have a few more to shop for but other than that i am pretty much ready. Oh ya and trying what to decide what to do for Dan big 3-0 on Christmas eve (sucks i know). It awful to have to shop for guys for Christmas but i have to do birthday and Christmas at the same time and i hate it. He is sooooo hard to shop for. Jett is getting so big and so smart. He repeats everything that comes out of any ones mouth so we really have to watch that. He is full of soo much energy. He LOVES Santa and everything else that comes with Christmas. His Uncle Braxton thought it would be fun to teach him something....Braxton is 16 for those of you who dont know. anyway...he asks Jett "what do you say to girls"? and Jett now says "Hey Baby" i have to admit it is one of the cutest things! London had her 4 month Check up and is doing soooo fabulous. She is in the 95 percentile in her length and in the 90 percentile with her weight. She was 27 in and over 15 pounds. She is absolutely so much fun. I love her so much. She has so much personality and is such a happy baby.
well i know i am not that great with this whole blogging thing but i am really going to try to become better i promise. I hope everyone is enjoying this time of year as much as we are! We wish EVERYONE happy holidays! WE LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Update and Family Pictures

Well we finally got those family pictures i was talking about and i must say they turned out AMAZINGLY. i am in love with my family! They are not the typical sit and smile family pictures, they are very creative and different but that fits my family to a T. Well i guess while i am at it i will just give a lil update. we had a great thanksgiving! we just go to my parents and have a lovely dinner and then play games. Jett is talking soooooooo much. we were a little worried for a while but i am not at all anymore. He puts sentances together and repeats EVERYTHING you say, its adorable. London is just growing and growing and becoming more and more her own person. Dan went hunting in montana for about 6 days and i of course stayed at my moms because i am chicken and wont sleep at my house alone haha. The kids, my mom, sister and sister-in-law all went to SLC and went shopping it was great. i thought it would be a total nightmare with my wild man but he was amazing and such a trooper. We all missed daddy and was so happy to have him back home. He had a great time also. we are all excited for christmas especially dan. well thats about it. i am going to post some of our favorite pictures there will prob be alot because i just cant choose i love them all.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Well first of all I have a confession I love to looking at peoples blogs even people I don't know, weird I know but so much fun and so interesting. Well now that's out of the way... So many people have told me I need to do a blog and I always said no and I am not sure why prob cause I am no good at this sort of thing but I decided I would give it a try. Even though I don't know much about these things. I do think it is a great way to keep everyone posted. Since I am not sure if you are like me and like to read peoples blogs you don't know I will tell you about my family one at a time.

We will start with Dan: Dan will be 30 in December he hates to hear that but I love to say it. His dad lives here and his mom lives in Vegas. He has one brother, Dusty and he also lives here. Dan started a DJ company, Mainstream Music and its been going strong for 11 years now. He has quite a list of things he does i wont bore you with all of them we will just leave it at he is a very hard worker. He is a wonderful dad and husband and i don't give him the credit he deserves.

Now to me we will make this short. I come from a family of 5 kids. My mom and dad live only 5 minutes away and that is great because i am a mamas girl. I am only 22 ha ha just had to add that in for Dan. I stay at home with my beautiful kids and i have a salon in my house for when i feel like doing hair. I LOVE doing hair I just LOVE being a mom too. I have a mild case of O.C.D. which is not funny so don't laugh because i know you are. That's enough about me.

Now to my beautiful son Jett. He will be 2 in January and the closer he gets to 2 he becomes more and more defiant. He is all boy. Never gets cold, loves to be outside, loves to eat dirt and bring dog poop to me. Although he hates things being on his hands whether its a blade of grass or a crumb from a cracker. Its funny. He is such a great big brother. He surprisingly has done very well with "sister". Everyone told me he was going to be horrible but he is not at all. He is not jealous, mean, whinny or naughty (well anymore than usual). He is very gentle and loving a little too loving at times. He has been such a joy to have.

My little princess, London. She is only 2 months old. She was only 6 lbs and 2 oz when she was born, which came has a bit of a shock after having Jett at 9 lbs. It was actually scary because i thought she was soooo tiny but it didn't take her long to gain. I took her home weighing 5 lbs 10 oz and 4 days later she was 6 lbs 4 oz. At her 2 week she was a whopping 8 lbs 11 oz. And at 2 months she was over 11 lbs. She is growing like a weed. She is a very good baby. I have to admit it is VERY fun having a girl!! She is our princess.

Here was Jetts mini photo shoot from my camera phone. I needed to try on his outfit for family pictures and he just wanted his picture taken. it makes me really excited to have real ones done.

I hope you enjoyed this somewhat, kinda lame hopefully i will get better at this. And i cant wait till i can post my family pics.